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Feudal Japan: Land of Spirits

I was working on the last artstation challenge “feudal japan” and made some props for a shinto shrine. Unfortunately I couldn’t finish the challenge, however I wanted to finalize at least three of them.

I wanted to create something which could make sense in a game related aspect. For me it’s important to have a continuous thread between all props. So I decided to adapt the Sea of Thieves ghost ship to the Japanese samurai environment. So when you die within the game, you are teleported to a spiritual shinto shrine where you are a ghost (spirit). You have to wait few seconds and the worship shrine will open the gates and you will teleport back to the world of the living.
The kami (spirit in the shrine) is the samurai itself. Thats why the shrine decoration is similar to the samurai design. The white camellia is a Japanese flower with the meaning of ‘waiting’. The flower/plant itself stands for the world of the living and calmness.

Noah carev stonelantern noahcarev 01
Noah carev gate noahcarev 01
Noah carev bridge noahcarev 01
Noah carev stonelantern noahcarev 02

Breakdown Stone lantern

Noah carev stonelantern noahcarev 04

Ideas and concepts

Noah carev stonelantern noahcarev 03


Noah carev gate noahcarev 02

Breakdown Gate

Noah carev gate noahcarev 03

Ideas and concepts

Noah carev bridge noahcarev 02

Breakdown Bridge

Noah carev bridge noahcarev 03

Ideas and concepts