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The Sight

The Sight is an allied fraction based on a dystopia sci-fi universe. The idea for the fraction is highly inspired by The Surge and the Railway in Fallout 4.
This is my final exam at game school. For this project I designed the lead and a side character, also some props and the overall branding.

Here you can see the developing processs:

Noah carev 01 branding
Noah carev 02 branding lex 01
Noah carev 03 branding lex 02
Noah carev 04 branding side 01
Noah carev 05 branding side 02
Noah carev 06 branding drone 01
Noah carev 07 branding drone 02
Noah carev 08 branding pda 01
Noah carev 09 branding pda 02
Noah carev 10 branding hints 01
Noah carev 11 branding hints 02