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Creeps – game project

Creeps is my second semester project I did within six months at School for Games. It’s an isometric top down Dungeon-crawler puzzle game where the players take the role of two creeps trying to escape from the dungeon in which they are trapped. To achieve this, they throw everything they can, different objects and also each other in order to solve the puzzles and overcome all obstacles.

I had been working on the corporate identity (color, font) including the logo design, contributing environment concepts as well as some textures for the world of creeps. Additional I created level mockups and key artworks.

My talented art teammates:
Constantin Copony – 3D Art,Tech, Animation, Texture
Beverly Legierski – 3D Art, Environment, FX
Georg Nimke – Concept Art, Character, Texture, Level Art

Noah carev creeps cover
Noah carev keyartwork 01


Noah carev concept pillar

Concept Pillar

Noah carev concept faces

Concept Stone Faces

Noah carev concept statue

Concept Statue

Noah carev concept archway

Concept Archway

Noah carev concept vase

Concept Vase

Noah carev logo